The ear is one of the organs that affect our external appearance and at the same time is a functional organ!
On the ears some form defectiveness might be seen either indigenous or caused by the subsequent events.

The most common indicated form problem is prominent ears. The feature which creates the unaesthetic view is the hyperbolic shape between the ear and the skull, and the absence of anti-helix can company the prominent ear problem.

The best operation time for correcting the prominent ear problem is about six years of age before she starts the school; because when she goes to the school the classmates can deride with her and this may negatively affect her psychological development. However it can also be corrected in later years.

Prominent ear surgery in adolescence is a real common operation. The prominent ear operation will be realized in the hospital, and under general anesthesia for the children and under local anesthesia for the adults and it takes approximately one hour.

The surgery will be operated behind the ear and permanent stitches will be made to create the necessary curves (helix) of the ear cartilage. The external ear (pinna) will be brought to the correct shape and the cut will be stitched with catguts.

Recovery Period

When you have the prominent ear operation, you can go back to your home in the same day. The ear will stay with bandages 2-3 days. The post-operation edema will be healed in two weeks.

The final forming of the ear will take a couple of months, but you will not have an embarrassing appearance during this period. Together with the operations made on the ear, you will notice that not only the appearance but also the psychological situation of the person will be better.