The lips are playing an important role on the aesthetic appearance of our faces. Full, lively, red lips have been accepted as an important factor of the women’s attractiveness since hundred of years. The plastic surgery offers solutions also for the women who don’t have full and lively lips. With the aesthetic surgeries the thinned lips might be emphasized, fulsome lips might be thinned, and the loosened lip edges on elderly women can be corrected. The lip contours can be set off with permanent make-up or some injection materials. The plastic surgery is offering the possibilities to eliminate the sagging or wrinkles around your lips, make your thin lips more voluminous, or if your lips are excessively fulsome, they can be reduced. For the persons who have sagging around their lips caused by the aging and who have a sad appearance because of these sagging; the sagging will be corrected and nicer and lively appearance will be supplied. The wrinkles around the lips will be corrected with collagen or hyaluronic acid injection, and in appropriate cases with the laser applications.

The important point is correct diagnosing for the aesthetic defects and correctly defining the problems of the lips.

Plumping the lips;

Lip plumping will be applied to the persons who have thinner lips for making the lips more plump. The lip plumping can be performed by reconstructing or reshaping the red part of the lip or inserting the filling materials into the lips through very small incisions or with some injections. In recent years lip plumping will be made generally with the injection of filling materials as it is painless and fast healed method. Some of these filling materials are solid und must be placed as implants; and some of them are fluid and can be injected without making any incision on the lip. The filling materials are not silicone; they produced from hyaluronic acid and this is a natural element which is existing in our tissue’s structure. The fat tissue which will be used for plumping the lips will be taken from the tummy or inner part of the leg (click for the detailed information about fat injection). There will be no visible scars on this area. These procedures can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and the patient can go back to her normal life in 2-3 days. The injected filling materials will stay in the lips without an important loss, but the materials taken from the body like fat tissues will be lost and it will be necessary to repeat the fat injection. With the fat injection, permanent results can only be supplied after two or three sessions.

Lip Reduction;

These procedures will be performed to the persons who have excessively plump lips. The red part of the lift will be reduced and moved from outer part to inner part of the lift. After the lift reduction surgery there will be some scars on the inner part of the lip, these scars are non-significant and it is not possible to see them normally. The operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Sagged Lips

One of the changes which occurs with aging and gives an unhappy or tired appearance to the face is the sagging around the lip. The sagged lip edges can be restored to its previous location with a surgical procedure. The procedure will be planned by drawing on the patient’s face. After the lip correction surgery 1-2 cm. thin scar will be left on the lip edges right beside the red parts of the lip. Besides that, with the correction of sagged lips, the face expression will be significantly better. In some appropriate cases the lips can be corrected during the face lifting operation.

Lip rejuvenation;

The lip rejuvenation will be performed to erase the aging marks on the lips. The reasons of the aged appearance of the lips are genetic features, sun damage, natural aging and smoking. The contours of the old lips have sagged, the wrinkles on the red parts and on the skin around the lips have been increased and the lips have lost their volume. Because of that, it must be necessary to perform multiple procedures for supplying the rejuvenation. The procedures can be listed as follows:

Lip enlargement:

The lips can be enlarged with the injections of various natural or synthetic materials.

Correcting the sagging of the lip lines: The sagging of the lip lines can be corrected with face lifting or with the lip correction surgeries

Eliminating the wrinkles on the lips: Chemical peeling or dermabrasion will be applied to the skin around the lips and the thin lines or wrinkles will be minimized . Except the rejuvenation surgeries, the dehydration of the lips are increasing together with the aging, and continuous usage of humidifying or protective creams will be helpful.

Emphasizing the lip contours; it is necessary to have significant lip contours for a beautiful appearance. The women are especially emphasizing the lip contours during their make-ups. This affect may be supplied for a long term with injection applications. The filling materials are also be used for this purpose. The filling materials are not silicone; they produced from hyaluronic acid and this is a natural element which is existing in human tissues.

Correcting the Lip Deformities;

The lip aesthetic will not be performed only to reduce the aging affects. It can be performed also for correcting the lip deformities caused by cleft palate or injuries caused by the accidents. In such cases it is necessary to perform a surgical correction to have the specific anatomy and previous form of the lips. In any case, the type of the surgical operation will be planned on the patient and by making drawing on the deformity.

Permanent Make-Up Applications;

The permanent make-up applications will not be performed only to emphasize the lip contours. The common name which has been used since a long time is the tattoo. Actually, the permanent make-up is a tattoo which will be made to emphasize the lip contours. Besides that it might also be used to erase the stitch scars on the lips.