Forming or loosing the fats in the face to create a younger outlook,Forming or loosing the fats in the face to create a younger outlook, lifting and reconstructing the face muscles and tissues, recover the sagging skin on the face, under-cheek, chin contour and neck for decreasing the exorbitance.

Face Lifting

As the classical face and neck lifting surgeries will be operated in the same time, they are two different operations which can be discussed together. However, the common point of the two operations is to realize them either at the same time with the endoscopic upper and mid face lifting operation, or right after this surgery.

The classical face and neck lifting operations are the complementary parts of the combined face rejuvenation surgeries including the solutions for the upper and mid face aging problems.

For the middle aged persons, after the face has been lifted by using the endoscpoic methods, the classical face lifting surgery will be enough for correcting the significant chin contours, taking the sagged skin in front of the cheek and improving the sagging around the mouth. For the elderly people, it might be necessary to make some intervention for the neck skin’s looseness, neck’s sagging and neck muscle (platysma muscle).

It is necessary to look to the face rejuvenation not only as a stretched skin, but also from the depth. Because the face is not only constituted by the skin , but also from a muscle layer, and in deeper level from the bone plan. By the general application either the first layer or two layers on the surface will be lifted and most commonly the appearance will take its previous status before the surgery

Skin Layer:

As the skin constituted from the elastic connective tissue, it is easy to loosen for the skin against the lifting. The lifting operation which will be applied only to this layer will be sagged quickly and earlier.

SMAS Layer:

SMAS layer is a layer which includes the casings of the face muscles called fascia and it is a stronger layer then the skin. The lifting operation applied to this layer is more permanent then the skin, but it is not good to bend (plication) this layer.

SubSMAS Layer:

It is the most perdurable layer against the stretching. On this plan the dissections through the SMAS will be more affective and permanent. For a more permanent result, we are preferring to work on these three layers

After the lifting operation all of these three layers of the face (subperiosteal, SubSMAS and skin), will be passed to the neck area in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Ameliyat Süreci

Classcical face and neck surgery is operated under general anesthesia in hospital conditions and it takes 3-4 hours.


The surgery will be done in the hospital under the general anesthesia and it takes 3-4 hours. According to your needs, the endoscopic upper and mid-face lifting, jowl liposuction, classical face lifting and neck lifting operations can be done together at the same time.
You can eat 4 hours after the surgery and then you can stand up.

Generally you have to stay one or two nights in the hospital. You will have some drains for any excess fluid that may collect under the skin. Your drains will be removed depending on the fluid amount in 1-3 days. If you sleep in half-sitting position after the operation, your swelling and pains will be healed more quickly. When the procedure is completed, you will have some hue colored bandages on your face, and some bandages around your chin with a light pressure. These bandages will be used to minimize your possible bruising. The pain that you may feel after the surgery, can easily be ceased with the painkillers.

When you have been discharged, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water. You can wash your face after the bandages will be removed.
You can go back to your normal daily life at the end of the tenth day, but you have to avoid the heavy exercises which need excessive effort for six weeks. Your face will be fully formed in two or three month. Your face will be much better and rejuvenated with the time.

The Risks
  • Bleeding: The bleeding is a complication which can generally be occur because of the Aspirin usage and can be prevented by the drains and pressure bandages.
  • Infection: It is a rare situation after the surgery. It can be prevented with antibiotics.
  • Bad scars: Even that a good healing will be expected after the surgery, there is possibility to have some bad scars for the people whose are smoking.
  • Asymmetries: Normally a human face has an asymmetrical form. After the surgery you may notice this asymmetry because of the stretched tissues that you did not noticed before.
  • Deep Tissue Damages and Nerve Injuries: The possible deep tissue damages will be rarely permanent and generally they will be healed in long term period.
  • Hair loss and dissociation on the incisions: These are generally the complications caused by the extreme stretching.
  • Tissue Losses: Can rarely be seen on the heavy smoking patients.