The terms like liposuction, lipoplasty, lipoasculpture or suction lipectomy will be used to define the same procedure. Liposuction is removing excess fat deposits localized in the specific areas of the body through a small incision by using a thin cannula to suction with surgical vacuum. Liposuction is not a slimming operation, but it is a body contouring procedure. The aim of the liposuction is not the weight loss; therefore no obesity treatment will be applied.

Liposuction can be applied to any area of the body which has localized fat deposits. General application places are; the cheeks, jowl, neck, upper parts of the arm, breast, back, waist, tummy, hip, basin, thigh and inner sides of the knees.

When the patient puts weight again, the liposuction area can not store the fat like before and a more balanced fattening will occur.

During the liposuction surgery, first a special liquid solution is infused into the determined areas to reduce bleeding, trauma and post-operation pains. The incisions area is small enough to insert the cannula, only 3-5 mm. length. The incisions will be made on body curves or under swim suites and will be invisible in several months.

In our clinic “surface liposuction” is preferred. After the infusion of bleeding and pain reducing fluids, 2-4 mm. cannulas selected in accordance with the area will be inserted to make the fat suctioning procedure. This liposuction technique lessens the possible irregularities and even the complaining about previous liposuctions can be corrected.


For the liposuction surgery the safety amount of fat in scientific limits is 5% of the total body weight and t can be maximum 7%. However, in this case the patient must stay in the hospital for one night. The operation will be performed in accordance with the suctioned fat amount and area with local sedation or under general anesthesia in the hospital. Once your liposuction procedure is completed, a corset or elastic bandages may cover treatment areas and if an additional surgery has not been performed, or excessive amounts of fat have not been suctioned, you can be discharged from the hospital. You may have bruises, swelling, tension, irritation or stretching on the operation area, these are normal. You will not feel pain on the relaxing position, but if you touch to operation area or when you move, you may feel pains. For minimizing these complaints, the liposuction area will be taken under pressure with an elastic and tight corset for a few days. You can go back to your normal daily life and activities in two or three days.

The healing period of the swellings is three weeks, you have to wear corset during this period, the corset can be removed at nights, it is important to wear it during the day time. After three weeks the scars will be indefinite. At the end of the third week the bruises will be lost and the body starts to take its new form, but the operation areas are still hard and massages cause pain. During this period the massages or LPG which will be applied to the liposuction areas are helping to loose the edemas by fastening the blood circulation. The final result will be taken between three and six months.

With liposuction you will have permanent and attractive improvements on your body contours. Your psychologically abrasive appearance you thought that it will never be corrected and can not be slimmed with the exercises will be reshaped, and this will increase your self confidence.